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A story to go with the RPG

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A story to go with the RPG Empty A story to go with the RPG

Post by Duradura on Thu Sep 21, 2017 12:13 am

What about a story to go with the whole Space Girl Party RPG? The way I see it now is that its a grinding sort of game. What if you could have a Second map that would be the story part and this one would be a Dungoen based Game. When I think of RPG I think of a Role play element. Not a rinse and repeat map. That's how It feels now. What I was thinking was that the idea of them crashing into a world, the way it is now with the starting items and all, and they would have to make their way to a town or village or something to figure out what is going on. From there they will be told about the area's history, events, problems and so on. They will later then find out that them crashing was no accident and it was done porpusefully by the current ruler of the area/world. So out for revenge they would go on a quest to kill the ruler, free the people and then try get a way to leave. That's just an idea and I Can work on making a demo map layout. It would be a separate world that cross over with the other from using the save system. Please Let me know if this is going to be considered because I would Love to see a fully fledged story with what this RPG has already.


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