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 S.G.P RPG [Open Beta] Ver 0.6a [ Christmas Ver ] Empty S.G.P RPG [Open Beta] Ver 0.6a [ Christmas Ver ]

Post by Admin on Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:23 pm

Hi :p yep i'm not dead.

This ver fixed alot, Here its an exhaustiv list of what will be changed from 0.6 to 0.7 in S.G.P rpg :

-the wings of raid 1 will drop directly next wings will require mat of next boss &nd hammer of required quality
-changed a few items stats
-reworked the armor of creeps, life will be the only thing problematic till now on, but won't be a problem since a char deals around 55.5k+ at lvl 50k
-done boss spells of the other area that where without any till now
-added recipes for 50k to 150k
-2 new hero : Vocalist, Protector
-Reworked raid 1
-opened raid 2 and 3 to test them out
-christmas event access granted at town 2 lvl 50k
(christmas key spawn in backpack area at begin of each map)(édité)
(first part done : class(custom spells) , Custom shop for event only
(one entry only per map)
-nerfed the dps of hero per main stats
-reworked a few spells should work properly now
-summoner is still shit
beside her final summon
-tier 1 killable, drops the tier up (the tier 1 isn't done yet) for each hero and a "forgotten stone" to craft class item rank ( same type as artefacts in depethia, will replace a random part of your set of items )
he doesn't respawn, unless a respawn drops
-Changed graphic of wings 1
-added secret class 1 fully available (hint require a lvl 50k hero to acess the required area)
-added a few materials area in worlds districts for the cook, 2 secret recipe (hint in material) use -gather to recolt on the spot

that will be all for 0.6a [Christmas] ver


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