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this map is ONE HUGE PROBLEM

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this map is ONE HUGE PROBLEM

Post by Steeg on Mon Apr 23, 2018 12:45 pm

Hello everyone,my eng not so good but i try explain...whats happening with this map?she fully buggy or i am sooooooo retard?
1)Version 0.7 unplayable bcs when use any spell any hero he bugged to stay immortal all game(so any spell any hero not wrking)
2)So i go play version 0.6a christmass,event so useless and dont give anything
3)i'm up 50k lvl and got full equip recipes 50k lvls and this is the end?i kill 1 and 2 raid bosses 10000 times and 0 drop,i'm going in town 2 and he no have recipes for next items,i'm going in nex zone llv up(50k-60k) but lvl dont growth and 0 drop items,i'm trying click all seeing portals to maybe up tier 2 char but no have portal or boss,i'm trying use this stupid hammer at backpack wich req 50k lvl and nothing happen i'm trying all possibles ways but this is the end?
P.S. I'm very love maps like that with huge numbers and craft and very nice models of bosses i very hope this map somewhen be very good.


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