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version 0.81 bugs

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version 0.81 bugs Empty version 0.81 bugs

Post by countdowntimer on Fri Nov 09, 2018 1:06 am

1. When doing -kill name remains there even after respawning ( )
2.You're getting spammed with area level cap reached even if you haven't reached the area cap yet
3.Sets do not give their bonuses when fully completed
Apparently the bonus set for Nidor set works since i got the 320k bonus stats bonus but it also remains after you take down the set though from what i've noticed ( )
4.mobs in 50k-65k The elite monster is untargetable  idk maybe a skin change or something he can be selected but not single targeted it's the same for the 100k-120k area too sharks(creeps) can't be targeted and if they're asleep you can't attack them unless you use a skill before
5.Bosses do not use their spells anymore after being killed once (after that it's just a tank and spank)
6.150k-180k zone doesn't give xp at all it just keeps spamming area level cap reached
7.Not being able to craft the 50k advanced set while having the materials required (don't know if it's disabled or simply a bug)  ( )

Feel free to add any bugs related to 0.81 that you found and I may have missed


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