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About Attack Speed Empty About Attack Speed

Post by Magepowers on Sun Feb 03, 2019 10:28 am

I believe that attack speed should only come from items, instead of having it be given from both Agility and items. This is because we tend to reach our maximum attack speed quite fast, especially if you are an agility character. It would be more balanced if attack speed only came from items. With this kind of change however, the attack speed the gloves currently gives would most likely need to change.

Instead, if Agility characters are supposed to attack faster than the rest of the characters, it would be best to change the stat "Combat - Attack 1 - Animation Damage Point" and "Combat - Attack 1 - Cooldown Time" between the different types of characters. This will allow for a much higher attack speed cap, and will make a lot of people much more happy. You can mess around with these stats and see what you want to be the highest attack speed you'll allow and whatnot.

Also, something to take note of is in Warcraft III, the highest bonus percentage attack speed you can give to any unit is 400%. Anymore than that will not affect how fast the unit attacks UNLESS the unit's attack speed is slowed, then the extra percent will compensate for the slow. For example, if your unit's attack speed was slowed by 300%, then a 700% increase in attack speed will allow the slowed unit to still have 400% attack speed.

Hopefully you take something away from this and maybe implement some changes, unless you are already satisfied with how things are with regards to attack speed.


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